David Deangelo's cocky funny technique.

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David Deangelo's cocky funny technique.

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:41 pm

David Deangelo is one of the leading guys in the pickup community. ?Heís a great role model. ?His material is mainly focused on state and inner game rather than actual techniques and usable lines. ?The thing he is most famous for is his cocky-funny style which can be described as anything where the girl hits you and laughs at the same time. ?Some guys mess up by just insulting the girl, but if done right, it is very powerful and I prefer cocky-funny over negs. ?We teach a few of our own cocky-funny lines on bootcamps, they are not an integral element to a pickup but can cause attraction spikes and escalate things if delivered correctly.

David DeAngelo?s Frame Reversal

?I need to tell you something. This is serious. Iím pregnant. Our reckless hand holding has had consequences. I hope that youíll want to be a part of our new childís life, but either way Iím keeping it and thereís nothing you can do about it.

Iíll be waiting for the monthly support cheque. You can start now by getting me something to drink. Oh my goodness, I just felt it kick. Hurry on that drink. Our baby needs it!?


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