Eliciting Values Routine

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Eliciting Values Routine

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Style's Eliciting Values Routine
"What is the experience you most enjoy doing" (She'll say dancing or being with family or something)
Alternate wording: "If you had to pick one experience that makes life worth living...what would it be?"
"What is the ideal scenario of you doing that thing? Describe it."
"So picturing that right now, how do you feel?¦What emotions?"
"So really then, while I was asking you this, you smiled... and yeah it's kind of because I'm being a bit funny or weird or whatever... but also, it's because you could kind of feel that emotion right now, while we were talking about it... can you feel it.. blah blah blah"
"So really then, even though your favorite experience is dancing, your core value is fun and excitement, and the way you feel those emotions in your body... So what's most important to you is the experience of fun and excitement, and whatever leads you to that is most important... blah blah"
"Ok, so in four minutes we've fulfilled your quest for core value. You can die now."
In other words:
1. Favorite activity
2. Description of her favorite activity in an ideal setting
3. What emotion she gets while she pictures this
4. Show her that she experienced the emotion while picturing it
5. Show her that what she really wants is not so much the activity (although it’s important) but the emotional fulfillment she gets from it.
6. Now she can die happy


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